Folklore ensemble Vonica


The Slovac ensemble VONICA belongs to the oldest ones in Moravia.

The first members started to meet in 1939 and the first written entries about the activity of early enthusiasts go back to 1940, when they started to assemble under the leading of Dr. Ladislav Rutte in „Starý šenk“ in Zlín. In the same year the first public event – „Katerinské hody“was held. This event, based on the long-year tradition, is held annualy till the present, as well as „Fašanek“, which is organized since 1941. At the beginning the ensemble was called „Krúžek moravských Slováků“, later „Slovácký krúžek“ and in the 70th the today’s name VONICA was accepted.

History of the ensemble is very rich, as for the success at czech and foreign festivals and as for the personalities, who had led the ensemble during its existence. It is impossible to mention all of them, but it is necesary to remember at least two of them. These are Karel Pavlištík and his follower Jan Mička, who have done a lot of work for Vonica and without them, we are not able to imagine the history of the ensemble.

The present

At present Vonica has about 70 members, gathering two times a week. Vonica can arrange its programme according to needs of organizers, either an attractive night show or shorter programmes .

Vonica performs dances of different regions and different temperaments with a lot of solo and chorus singing. Musical program of our own dulcimer band is included as well.

At this point, we would like to mention our traditional activity, which is the international folk festival „Zlínské besedování“. This festival is held once in two years with a big participation of folk ensembles not only from our region, but also from the whole country and even from abroad.


Slovácký soubor Vonica, z.s.
Třída Tomáše Bati 204
760 01 Zlín

Vonica (folk dance group)
Jakub Dokoupil (chief of ensemble)
+420 739 303 419

Malá Vonica (children’s folk dance group)
Marcela Urbanová (chief of ensemble)
+420 704 046 833

Děvčice z Vonice (woman chorus)
Broňa Zelingerová (chief of ensemble)
+420 776 310 345

Denica (dulcimer band)